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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Annie's Garden Show

I went to a fabulous art show in a fabulous garden tonight, what fun! The show was hosted by Teresa Roche of Art & Light Gallery and featured the work of Annie Koelle. Take a look!

The show was held at the lovely home of a friend and owner of an amazing antique store here in town, Shinola. If the artwork and gardens weren't enough to please, there was homemade peach ice cream on hand. Oh, yes.

Isn't Annie's new work just marvelous? If you see something you like, contact Art & Light for purchasing information.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Glimpse

Oh goodness, I need another weekend.

This past Saturday was the jurying for Indie Craft Parade. It was a very long and mentally exhausting process, with much discussion of the merits of one application over another. I am so glad the difficult task of choosing the exhibitors was up to our wonderful jury and not me! It was very exciting to see all the fabulous submissions, and I really respect all the artists who applied, they put so much effort into their craft.

Before Lib and I prepared all the application data and finalized the exact number of artists we had room for, Cory whisked me off to a fabulous fancy dinner to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. I love that man. We had a wonderful relaxing meal and then it was back to work for me.

Sunday was more ICP work, and a little birthday party for dear Heather. I made a strawberry tart and soft pretzels, mmm! Such a fun evening with the girls.

Not pictured:
- chocolate milk
- frozen bananas
- not enough sleep
- cuddling with my kitties
- valet parking
- funny comments by the jury I wish I could repeat
- dreading Monday

I was dreading today because I had to send out all the notifications to the people who didn't make it in Indie Craft Parade. I really hate letting people down and making them sad, it's no fun at all. Every year there are a few people who are extremely angry they didn't make it in and they make sure to let us know how upset they are. Last year, we didn't give people a reason when their application was declined, and everyone was demanding to know why. This year, even though it was a ton more work, we recorded why each application was declined and let the applicants know... of course, now people are extremely offended and astounded the jury actually judged their work (um, that's their job). Also, due to a few technical hang-ups, the whole email notification process took much longer than expected... I just finished sending out the last of them about 11:00 pm (I feel terrible it took so long!) and some people can't believe we didn't notify everyone all at the exact same moment (kind of impossible to do personal emails like that unless I have a huge army working for me). Basically, it's not been the best day.

Though I must say, for every snarky email or comment we got, there were several more very kind and gracious ones with actually helpful feedback. Thank you to all those who were able to receive the bad news with maturity and humility, you saved our sanity.

I know the reality is that no matter how we handle the rejection notifications in the future, we'll never be able to make everyone happy, and I guess that's ok. If I can just get through the next few days, I can begin to enjoy the phenomenal exhibitors we have lined up for this year, and I'm really looking forward to focusing on them.

For now, I'm going to eat some ice cream and schedule a massage.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekend Glimpse

A very belated weekend glimpse... Cory and I took a short trip back to my hometown in the Buffalo, NY area to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary and visit my grandparents and a few friends. It was a lovely!

Hanging out at my grandparent's home
At an old favorite restaurant... best. pizza. ever.
Lake Erie waterfront
At dear Shea's Theater where we got married... but this time we got to see Jerry Seinfield!
The theater lobby, where we held our wedding reception.

Out for a walk in the gorgeous woods.
meadows + sunshine = happiness
5 years of wedded bliss to this hunky weirdo.
I've got some more photos to share of the lovely shops I visited, and then next week I'll do a recap of our wedding!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Interview at Yellow Elm

We had a lovely trip, and are trying to get caught back up here at home. I've got lots of photos to edit, and will try to have the weekend glimpse up tomorrow. In the meantime, check out the interview I did over at the Yellow Elm blog. Be sure to browse around the rest of Elizabeth's lovely posts!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Weekend!

I'm so excited for the weekend, Cory and I are celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary. 5 years! So crazy!

Don't forget, this Sunday is the last day to apply for Indie Craft Parade! If you're interested, make sure you get your application submitted in time, we won't be accepting any late. If you already started it but haven't hit that final "submit" button yet, what are you waiting for? Get 'er done!

And now, some eye candy to start your weekend off right... (Why am I posting a photo of bread? Because bread is beautiful. And I love carbs. The end.)

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Collections: Doors

Doors are so ordinary, they're often overlooked. But they can be so special and lovely...

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Source: via Marta on Pinterest

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sharon Montrose Photographs

I found Sharon Montrose's phenomenal photographs via this Design*Sponge post, and instantly fell in love with it. There is a quiet beauty to her work, it really takes you in. The only problem is to decide which one to get... I adore them all! Here's a few favorites:

Deer // Owl // Fox // Lamb // Giraffe
Prints start at $25.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Color Crush: Mint

Mint green is one of those colors that I am surprised I like. In fact, if you had asked me what I thought of it a few years ago, my reply would not have been favorable. But now I can't get enough of it... I love mint in fashion, home decor, furniture... anything minty-hued makes me swoon. I will say I personally prefer it as an accent color rather than the main attraction, though it can be done well in that regard. Here's a slew sweet images starring mint.

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Monday, June 13, 2011

Etsy Craft Party

Let me just say that the Etsy Global Craft Party was soooooo much fun. We had a great group turn out, fabulous food, wonderful projects being worked on, and marvelous conversation. I don't think we can wait another whole year to do it again, so we'll try and host another one in the coming months. Here's a look at the splendid evening...

Check out the recap on the ICP Blog, and see the rest of the photos here!

Weekend Glimpse

What a great, fun-filled weekend! I'll post a separate recap of the fabulous Etsy Craft Party, but here's a look at a few other happenings in my life.

Annie and I went to Marshall's HomeGoods and I scored these gorgeous vintage-style hobnail cake pedestals, some garden clippers, a lovely glass cloche, and a hot new dress. She got an amazing cedar lounge chair that we were unable to fit in her car, though it was quite hilarious to see us try.

Some much needed weeding, trimming, and planting was accomplished with the help of Montreal. I am so very late putting my tomatoes in, they'll probably be producing in November.

Chicken tacos! Yay!

Not pictured:
- watching and rewatching of our new favorite show, The IT Crowd
- IBC Root Beer
- stamping messages onto cookies
- swimming quick before the storm came
- cleaning the house only to destroy it
- perfect vintage rhinestone earring, $4!
- doughnuts
- wallpaper dilemma solved, I chose this one.