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Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Glimpse

Visiting the lovely Elizabeth Ramos of Two Over Zero 

Eggs! From Greenbriar Farm. Almost too beautiful to eat.

Marshall having the time of his life in our fresh topsoil mound.
(Marshall is our nephew, who, incidentally, has taken to referring to himself as "Uncle Narshall. Big, strong, Uncle Narshall.")

Chewy Chocolate Brownies, which sadly were not at all chewy but rather cake-like (a negative for me). 

Not pictured:
- this song on repeat
- a very late night at IHOP with girlfriends
- BBQ with Annie and Chris
- an epic battle of pollen vs. my sinuses
- chicken pot pie and homemade ravioli (more to come about these!)


Dik Pose said...

I love these photos, with their old timey feel!

Those eggs look wonderful!

Playing in dirt is something boys never lose a feel for, no matter how old we get.

Yes, that Weezer song is great.

Can't wait to see your post on the ravioli!

Annie said...

those eggs are soooooo pretty. so is libby!

Gwendolyn said...

Liz looks her hair!
And those
I wish I could've come to this

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