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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Here is a scan of the article I was interviewed for, click on the image to enlarge (that way it's readable). The article ran yesterday in Link, a division of the Greenville News.

It was a fun experience, and the writer did a great job organizing my scattered thoughts.  They did take photos of several areas of the house, but due to space constraints, there was only room for the one photo. Thankfully, I am not making a weird face in the photo, although I was sure I must have. Even though they weren't able to run the other photos, I'll show some of them here over the next few weeks.

My only regret is that I said "Hawaiian shirt". Why? Why did I say this? No one wears Hawaiian shirts! I don't wear Hawaiian shirts! Oh well. I guess it could have been worse, I could have said something completely ludicrous like "SpongeBob" or "Dung Beetles." Not sure if those are worse or just weirder.


Dik Pose said...

Awesome! Great interview!

A 5$ table!?

If you lived in So Cal, I would totally have you over to help me decorate my tiny space! I did just buy an indoor plant :)

Gwen said...

fantastic article! So wait, I thought there were going to be more pictures....was this it?

Erin said...

Richard, I would love to help you decorate. Though, as I remember, you had your space looking pretty nice already!

Gwen, there was going to be more but they ran out of room. I'll show some of the pictures next week.

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