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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vignettes, Part 3

This scene showcases more of my milkglass collection. The vases are all thrift store finds, and the footed dish in front, a gift from Cory. The deer babies came from an estate sale, and they are friends with the pair of birds shown in a previous cube.

Note: If books are to be used for primarily for decorative purposes, I focus on visual appeal only. So if you notice some unusual titles or subject matter in my displays, please do not be alarmed.

Here we have another favorite treasure, the white bird napkin rings. They are actually 2 different sets that combine quite well. I got them at a great antique store in Hendersonville, NC (love that little town). The gigantic white bowl thrills my heart, it's perfect for serving salad, pasta, punch, popcorn... or for hiding papers and such that need to be sorted. Want your heart to thrill as well? Get your own big-bowl-beauty right here. Get the platter too, you'll be glad you did. The bowl is resting on a very large, very old, and very dusty German Bible. I'll be sad when it disintegrates completely, the typography is beautiful and I can still read some of it.

This cube is all antiques, with the exception of the carved wood box in the background. Cory gave that to me when we were dating, and it's perfect for hiding little notes or microfiber cloths for cleaning the TV. The pale green vase fascinates me with it's unusual shape and gilded edges. Supposedly it's kind of rare, but I don't know too much about those things. The covered dish is dear to my heart, it has the most perfect little ceramic ladle with matching gold trim, and the strawberries on top make me smile. I like this so much but I forget to actually use it.

This the last I'll be posting of the vignettes for now, but tomorrow I'll show you what the Expedit looks like as a whole.


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