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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Annie's Eats

I have a new hero. Her name is Annie, and she makes me look like a cooking fool. My sister recommended her food blog yesterday, and I promptly spent 3 hours reading back over a year into the archives. I now have 32 recipes tagged to make, and a large puddle of drool on my desk. Here's a few that I can't wait to try from Annie's Eats:


Annie said...

wow, glad you took the time to do it, now i don't have to. . . i'll just let you recomend them to me, so i don't have to spend the time sorting through all them : )

Maria said...

I have so many tabs now open on my computer from Annie's Eats that I'm sure my computer is going to crash. Thanks so much for sharing! Please don't tell my boss what I've been doing for the past 45 minutes. ;)

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