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Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Glimpse

I had a great weekend, and hope you did too. The best part was a western-themed surprise party for a good friend. The birthday boy was dutifully surprised, the hostess had a marvelous spread for us to enjoy, and there were gun-related activities for everyone to try their hand at. Thankfully, no one shot their eye out.

There was a pretty rough gang hanging around. 
1 cowpoke, 3 cowboys, and 1 dandy. 
And one very excited little boy.

Target practice.

And of course, birthday cake.

I had the honor of making the cake.
This is a 3-layer version of Triple Chocolate Cupcakes from Annie's Eats .
And it was good.

Not pictured:
- Libby finally returns from her summer holiday, and I am very happy.
- sorting through many lovely applications for Indie Craft Parade
- working in the gardens (I should have tomatoes soon!)
- planning all sorts of treats for Comic-Con 
- waiting for Cory's beard to return to normal (after this atrocity)


Alissa said...

Great pictures! You're help is invaluable. And I might have to steal a tomato, whenever those come :)

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