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Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Glimpse

Sorry for the late post today, I just returned from a busy day in Asheville, NC!

My weekend involved some harvesting of the season's bounty...

Freshly picked wild blackberries, getting a bath.
I got these on top of a mountain. For real.

Sweet blossoms plucked from my garden.
And this darling new tablecloth! 

Cherry tomatoes, almost ripe!
I have three Sweet 100 bushes. Let me tell you, those puppies are loaded.

An abundance of green beans, our first harvest.
I had grandiose notions of sauteing these in an herbed butter sauce, but instead we've been grabbing handfuls and munching on them crisp and raw. Guess that's healthier, anyways.

Not pictured:
- organizing copious amounts of Indie Craft Parade applications. Keep'em coming!
- short strolls after dark with Cory (that's when it finally cools down a bit)
- re-discovering just how ridiculously prickly wild berry bushes are
- a very hot Sunday afternoon + a friends marvelous pool = perfection
- Rita's Italian Ice!


La Brebis Roses said...

Um...I think I need to go to Target RIGHT NOW! My store only has limited quantities left. Ack!

Erin said...

Snap it up quick! They were actually on sale at my Target, $12.95 for the 70" round... the website shows them full price. I almost got the 60" x 104" as well for when I have lots of company, but managed to restrain myself.

Vicki Register Godbey said...

AAAHHHH!!! I seriously had that very tablecloth in my hands earlier in the week and put it back on the shelf!!! I knew it looked just like you!

Erin said...

haha, how well you know me!

Annie said...

beautiful photos erno, i loooooooove the blackberries in the sink!

Meredith said...

Ooh! Love the tablecloth!!

Anonymous said...

You always take such lovely photos, Erin!

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