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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


You know how Polaroids are all the rage... and how the cameras and film are very expensive now that they are mostly discontinued? Well, that's not a problem for me, since I just discovered Poladroid. Polodroid is an application that creates high-resolution Poloroid-like images from your digital pictures... for free! It even acts like a traditional Polaroid in that you have to wait for the pictures to develop, and you can watch them turn from brown to a realistic Polaroid! See how it works here, and download the application here. It's extremely easy to use, just launch the application, drag and drop in your photos, then watch them develop!

Here are a few of the Poladroids I've made:

Aren't they too fun!? It's interesting to save the picture at different stages to see the effects. Here is one after it finished processing completely:

And here is the same file, about 2/3 complete:

Depending on the mood I was going for, either one would be perfect.

I will say that the authentic film limit and processing time does lose it's charm after the first few files... I mean, it's obviously not the same experience as holding a real print in your hands, and waving it around to dry... but Poladroid is still pretty awesome and free to boot, so I'm not going to complain.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself some Poladroid!


Annie said...

cool! much cheaper than buying film for my camera. . .

Amanda @ ThreeBadSeeds said...

Thanks for sharing - I have been looking for something just like this!

cranny + b said...

thanks Erin!

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