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Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend Glimpse

My weekend was punctuated by frenzied work and bits of leisure. Hope everyone else had a marvelous 4th!

Little baby kittens, rescued and surviving.
I've gotten to help with some feedings and cuddle time, so sweet!

Copious amounts of laundry. 
It could have formed it's own mountain range.

A magnificent 4th of July party at Michelle's!
I made a strawberry-blackberry pie, with a flag on top.

A herd of mothers, and a lively volleyball game too.

Not pictured:
- picking more blackberries with Libby! My freezer is stocked.
- another late night of working
- reading Oh Happy Day for hours, 2 years into the archives
- little fireworks courtesy of the boys, kinda dangerous but very fun
- Cory attempting to set off a bottle rocket in his hand (nipped. in. the. bud!)


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