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Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Glimpse

We spent the weekend at gorgeous Folly Beach in Charleston... it was perfection. Probably not the best time to go away as we have so much to do right now, but it was really nice to to relax, lounge about, and enjoy the company of Cory's mom and sister.

Blue skies and red umbrellas.

The view from our balcony.

Cory and his little sister, Courtney (down by the Battery in Charleston).
These two continually crack each other up and have weird conversations. 
It's like they live in a different universe than everyone else.

Not pictured:
- loads of good food, constantly.
- catching up on the past month of my magazines
- the ocean at night: black waves and glowing white foam
- digging up sand dollars with our toes 
(Cory's response: "Put'em back right now! Leave them alone, they're happy!")
- playing with Cory's new iPad!


Vicki Register Godbey said...

What a great weekend! Cheers to frozen drinks and the Sugar Shack (or whatever that place is called)! Love all the pictures…well, almost all. HA! My sand dollars stinketh. They have been relocated to the top of the fence posts on the patio. Maybe Cory was right…this time.

Annie said...

i love the blue umbrellas!

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