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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Featured Artist: Chris Koelle

Our featured Indie Craft Parade artist for this week is ever-so-talented Chris Koelle!

Christopher Koelle is an illustrator and fine artist, and a darned good one too (and I'm not just saying that because I know him). Chris has the corner on cycling related art, with his acclaimed Sweet Ride zine and Bike Snob work,  but also dabbles in botanicals, vintage cameras, and icon-influenced imagery.

Check out the Koelle Art blog, or visit Chris' shops here and here.  Don't forget to save your pennies for Indie Craft Parade!

I'll be featuring an artist from Indie Craft Parade each week until the festival is held this September.


Gwendolyn said...

this is probably a dumb question, but will he have the zines for sale? I want Bike Snob but I'm too lazy to order it..

Chris said...

Erin: Thank you for the loverly post.

Gwendolyn: Zines, yes. Bike Snob, probably not. Maybe.

Unknown said...

Chris...c'mon. Just for me. You've gotta have it...

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