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Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Glimpse

Monday always comes in a whirlwind of busyness. Then it's almost gone, before I've hardly realized it.

It was a nice weekend, some good wholesome work and some good wholesome play.

Prepping peaches. I wanted to kiss every one of them, they were so perfect!
Recipe to come on Wednesday.

The remains of crafting, planning, snipping, and tying.
Hosting a baby shower on Saturday! You will hear all about it soon.

Yummy cookies in harsh lighting.
Welcome home presents for some boys who had been hiking for the past couple weeks.

Not pictured:
- tending to our neglected yard, the bushes had not been trimmed in 400 years
- finally moving that pile of topsoil
- me almost passing out from the heat and Cory bravely rescuing me from the hedge trimmer
- a perfect soak in the neighbor's pool
- fresh salsa for almost every meal
- trying to rid myself of this lingering sinus cold
- planning and scheming baby shower plans with 2 wonderful co-hosts
- fluffing little tiny tissue poufs, all strung together


Anonymous said...

- eating amazing cashew brittle from Gatlinburg!!

Dik Pose said...

AHHHHHHH your post just made me very hungry and jealous.

I can totally see Cory swooping in to rescue you. HAHA, excellent.

Erin said...

If I come for CTN I will bake something for you and bring it :-D

And yes, Cory is quite the hero!

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