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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Project List

Now that I have a little more free time, I'd like do a few fun projects. Though I suppose I should finish the dishes first.

3 step garden trellis from my home ideas via going home to roost  
This is a project for the spring: a trellis for my tomatoes.

pussy willow branches from betz white via i can't remember

These cheerful pussy willow branches were intended for spring, but if you alter the colors for fall or winter, I think they'd be the perfect cool-weather decor!
(sorry about the up-rezed photo... Blogger is being persnickety and I can't figure it out.)

DIY fire pit from the art of doing stuff via design*sponge 

This awesome little fire pit has already made the rounds, but it's so genius, I had to post it too. The idea of having it inside does worry me a little, so perhaps I should save this for my future patio.

birthday crown by denise sharp via the bedlam of beefy

Who wouldn't want to turn a year older with a luscious birthday crown atop their head! I need to make one of these.


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