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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Party + Weekend Glimpse

It was a marvelous weekend for our 3rd annual Christmas Soiree!

There were good friends...

And there was good food...

Unfortunately, I neglected to appoint a designated photographer, and the few snaps I took didn't turn out so well, so this are probably the only photos you'll see of the actual party. But it was a rockin' good time, you'll just have to trust me.

Here's the menu (I'll update this with links as I post the recipes):

- Jalapeno Popper Dip (huge hit!)
- Baby BLT's (my new favorite go-to party food, just bacon, roma tomatoes, baby romaine, and baguette with this marvelous sun-dried tomato mayo)
- Antipasto Skewers (so pretty and delicious)
- Mini Crab Cakes (I cheated and bought these frozen, it kept me sane. I did make a yummy dipping sauce for them.)
- Sweet Garlic Meatballs (always a crowd favorite, I get complaints if they don't make an appearance)
- Roasted Red Pepper Cheese Log (something that I threw together, I totally love it)


- Sugar Cookie Doves (gotta have the cutout cookies!)
- Mini Vanilla Cupcakes with Holiday Spice Frosting (oh so yummy)
- Homeade Marshmallows (people go crazy for these!)
- English Toffee (I could eat this year-round)
- Sponge Candy (my favorite family traditional candy, it's very unique)
- Coffee Truffles (cheated, bought these tasty delights)
- Salted Vanilla Caramels (I cannot stop eating these!)
- Stuffed Strawberries (so good, I got them perfected for the recipe post)


- Cran-Raspberry Punch (equal parts cran-raspberry juice and cranberry sierra mist, with floating sliced limes. So simple and delicious, the perfect balance to party foods.)
- Ice Water (with limes)

So there you have it... the food certainly disappeared so I think it was a hit. Check back over the next couple weeks for the recipes!


bec said...

You're amazing. Seriously. If I had a fourth of the entertaining talent that you have I'd be thrilled. Beautiful work! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, you're too sweet.

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