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Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Glimpse

The weekend was full of many wonderful things that I neglected to take photos of. I did manage to document my Christmas progress.

The main feat was getting the tree up and completely decorated! I have a silver tinsel tree, and I love it. It takes me forever... once the tree is assembled and fluffed in all it's glory, I separate the ornaments by color and style, then work on  placement, moving them all over until I get it just right.

I added some Christmasy touches to my year round decor... a handful of candycanes in a vase, a beaded snowflakes leaning on a stack of books, a feathered wreath perched atop some coral, and a glittered pinecone in deep conversation with an owl.

I almost finished preparing my Olive Manna gift tags, still have to string them.

Still yet to do on my Christmas list:
-set up Nativity
-wrap presents
-paint wise men white
-make a garland
-design Christmas card
-figure out what in the world to do with all my other Christmas deorations

It's going to be a busy week. And I'm hosting a party for 50 guests on Saturday, guess I should do something about that.

Not pictured:
- catered food for a party, success!
- 3 great art shows attended
- lots of dishes washed
- great dinner out with Cory's art professors
- major Law & Order marathon
- glitter everywhere


The Ruse said...

Thank you so much for catering the party! Everything was great! Still working on finding my camera battery charger... will you share your jalapeno dip recipe?

Erin said...

Thanks, Laura! the Jalapeno Popper Dip is by Annie's Eats, recipe here:

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