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Friday, January 28, 2011

Black + White Valentine Roundup

This year I'm really feeling the minimalist vibe when it comes to valentines. Here's some black + white notes of love...

 Who says valentines have to be a note card?
Give your sweetheart this darling garland and their heart will sing for joy.
Love is Splendid Word Thread by Royal Buffet, $13

 Have your message of love inscribed in gorgeous calligraphy.
What a sweet keepsake!
Custom Calligraphy Valentines by Hello Handmade, $30 (sold out already!)

A tiny letter packs a big punch.  The World's Smallest Postal Service will write and send your message in minuscule form, complete with a magnifying glass and a tiny wax seal.
Tiny Valentine by The World's Smallest Postal Service, $9

 Have a lot of Valentines? This eight-card set will take care of all of them.
Love Cards by In Haus Press, $16
This simple DIY is so sweet... stamp or write your message onto a long ribbon, then wind on a spool and let your Valentine unravel the message from your heart.
DIY Spool Valentine by papernstitch

 This letterpress eye chart contains a message of love...
and could double as piece of art.
Eye Chart Love by HawkGerber Ink, $5


Megan said...

some very romantic and pretty picks.

Andrew Smith said...

your eye chart is so romantic.. i love it!

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