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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gifts Received

I received so many lovely and thoughtful gifts this past Christmas, I have been completely spoiled.

A few favorites...

A whole stack of glorious home decor and crafting books!

 Papercutting print by the amazing Elsita. I am so inspired by her work, I can hardly stand it. Cory also gave me her papercutting kit for beginners and an xacto knife set. But best of all, he asked her to send a personal note to me, and like a dear, she did... with sweet words of encouragement.

Sorry, I got lazy and didn't take a photo of these gifts in action.
Wonderful salt and pepper shakers by Jonathan Adler from my awesome sister-in-law. She knows my addiction to s+p!
My new favorite kitchen gadget: a Cuisinart imersion blender from my sweet mother-in-law.
Fancy-shmancy luggage from my parents (they actually gave this to us early so we could use it for our Europe trip). I never thought I could love luggage so much, but I have a serious crush on my Heys airgliders. I can never go back. (BTW, if you're in the market for new luggage, check out TJMaxx. Amazing quality for regular prices.)


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