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Thursday, February 3, 2011

For Him: Valentines Day Gift Guide

Alright ladies, here's some ideas on what to get your man for Valentines Day. On a side note, I asked my hubby what he would suggest for this gift guide... he said "Food. No seriously, all I want are tacos. Doesn't anybody on Etsy sell those?"

Of course, if you're giving him chocolate it had better be Sweeteeth.
Get it here. $5- $25
If he's not into sweets, how about some hot sauce?
This one is a favorite of Cory's. $7

These extra-soft tees from Parachute Clothing are super fun.

Cufflinks are still cool.
If he's into classic gaming, he'll love these Zelda Tri force cufflinks. $19
These handcrafted resin cufflinks can be customized with your paper
... a page from his favorite book, or maybe a love letter? $50

If he's a dapper kind of guy, get him a handmade bow tie.

Nothing says "I love you" like a knife. $11

These novelty cameras are perfect for the budding photographer.

These leather iPad cases are gorgeously crafted. We have one and just love it. It offers perfect functionality, hardback protection, and fun security.

Beware: If you give your man a Nintendo DSi, he may forget you exist. These things are so fun, and the XL version is perfect for adult hands to play comfortably. The red version is perfect for this lover's holiday, plus it comes included with my favorite game.


Meredith said...

Hahaha, tacos. That's awesome. Love these Valentines lists! They're great!

Lib said...

Seriously, nice work rounding all these great things up! They're all fabulous!

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