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Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Glimpse

It was a wonderful weekend, but I was too busy enjoying it to take a lot of photos. So here are a couple boring ones for you...

That's right, gardening. This weekend was sunny and breezy and almost 80 degrees, so Cory and I worked in our vegetable garden. While cleaning out the beds and turning up the soil, I came across those little potato seedlings. They looked perfectly aubergine against the dark soil, so sweet and pretty. We put in 8 rows of sugar snap peas, can't wait to eat them! The peas are very early, so they'll be done just in time to put in tomatoes and beans and all such things. I'm getting very excited for our yummy produce.

Not pictured:
- a visit from my dear dad!
- baked some chocolate chip scones
- our first ICP board meeting... so official!
- a little peek at Annie's new house, it has lots of fun potential.
- Rita's... mmmmm, so good.
- massive cleaning of my closet, lots of new organization happening
- Sunday afternoon nap


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