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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fruit + Herb Soaps

Check out these gorgeous soaps! When I was at the Martha Stewart show, she demonstrated how to make these using fruits and herbs. It looks like a fun and simple project, the only supply you'll probably have to buy is glycerin soap base, available at most craft stores. I love the variations in color from using more or less of your fruit, these would be so pretty packaged up as a gift! The soaps are molded using recycled food containers we all have lying around, such as water bottles, milk jugs, pudding cups, etc. These soaps are supposed to smell amazing. I'll definitely be trying this one!


Barbara Bechtel said...

i wonder how long they will keep? I remember from some years ago when I did a little foray into soapmaking they cautioned against fresh (not dried) ingredients because they would go bad and cause the soap to discolor? I could be wrong and its been a long time....But if they smell so yummy, you'll be using them right away anyway. I would love to try a rosemary one!

Erin said...

Martha said they would keep for at least 3 months, some longer. Something to be aware of, especially if you're giving them as gifts!

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