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Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Glimpse

The beach weekend with the girls was simply glorious. We relaxed, ate good food, enjoyed the hot tub, the beach, and each others company... a perfect min-vacation with no schedule to keep and no chores to worry about. It has been unanimously decided to make this trip an annual event.

The view from our little beach cottage...
calm waves, warm sun, cool breeze.

At Taco Boy in Folly Beach... apparently the place to party, judging by the neighboring groups. (which included a stuffed monkey wearing a sombrero and someone who found a bar stool very difficult to maneuver.)

Girl time often turns into a hair-braiding party.

 Our fabulous bronzed + burned group... love these girls!

Shopping in downtown Charleston, found a magnificent Urban Outfitters.

Breakfast at the Lost Dog Cafe in Folly Beach...
we waited nearly an hour to get in, and it was worth it.

Not pictured:
- good talks
- funny beach house decor
- late night run for ice cream + aloe
- fascinating eavesdropping on our beach neighbors
- silly stories and lots of laughter
- peanut butter M&Ms
- amusing incidents that I am not allowed to relate
- complete relaxation