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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ICP Blog: Photography Tips

I'm skipping the weekend glimpse today... I had a lovely and relaxing weekend and part of the enjoyment was the lack of pressure to photograph everything. ;-D

Have you all been reading the Indie Craft Parade blog? I hope so! Jen is doing a fabulous job of putting together the posts. She did an excellent one yesterday with tips for photographing your work. If you're applying to Indie Craft Parade or selling your work online, you know how important good photos are. If  your photos don't show off the quality of your work, you won't be able to impress the jury or the customers. You don't have to be a professional photographer with fancy equipment to achieve good results. Take a look at this example Jen shot, comparing harsh regular lighting with a homemade light box.
harsh regular lighting

light box
Check out the rest of the post here for more tips on lighting
and staging your photos!


Diana said...

Thank you! I am going to be stocking my etsy shop this fall and really will use the tips!

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