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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weekend Glimpse

A little late with the weekend post, but here it is.

We had our monthly cooking club this past weekend, and it was a blast as usual! On the menu this time was paella and crepes... everything turned out soooo good.

Veggies for the paella, so pretty.

Many hands make light the work!

Finished paella. We did one with sausage and chicken and another with sausage and shrimp.

Crepes! They turned out perfectly light and thin. We made mini ones so we could enjoy lots of combinations of the toppings: strawberries, chocolate, Nutella, bananas, and salted caramel.

Not pictured:
- swimming
- Sunday afternoon nap
- thanks for those who serve
- BBQ with friends
- swimming again
- new haircut
- Indie Craft Parade work


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