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Friday, July 8, 2011

My Wedding: The Ceremony

In celebration of our five year anniversary, I'm sharing some photos from my wedding. Cory and I were married June 25, 2006 at Shea's Theater in Buffalo, NY.  See the first post here.

The wedding ceremony was performed on the landing of a big staircase in the theater lobby. All the guests were seated down below, so everyone had a good view.

For music, we had a string quartet and three dear friends sang a couple lovely songs. My dad walked me down the aisle (and up the staircase) to Aaron Copland's version of Simple Gifts.

The ring bearer carried our rings in a carved wooden box, and the flower girl refused to carry anything. ;-D

The only glitch in the wedding day happened towards the end of the ceremony. Thanks to an unexpected thunderstorm, the power went out suddenly and stayed off for the remainder of the wedding. Luckily, we had an afternoon wedding and there were some large windows in the lobby, so we had a little bit of natural light to work with. It was kinda dark for the reception, but we had candles on all the tables so we all ate by candlelight and everything was fine. It really didn't bother me then or now, I was just happy to be married!

All photos by Gary Ventura Photography

Next up... the reception!


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