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Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Glimpse

We had a quiet little party weekend, it was Cory's 28th birthday on Sunday!

After a celebratory dinner out, we poked around Barnes & Noble for a while. I flipped through the Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts, which is now on my wishlist. Such a great book!

Cory treated me to a little shopping trip at Marshall's HomeGoods. I snagged this giant basket!

Here's the birthday boy, blowing out the candle. I know a few people have speculated about the wondrous dessert I was sure to make for his birthday, but as I've mentioned, Cory doesn't like sweets. Isn't that a tragedy? With the exception of the occasional Snickers bar, a handful of Reese's Pieces, or maybe a Rice Krispie treat, he won't eat anything sugary. Good thing I love him in spite of this fault! 

I got to round out the weekend with a little snuggle time with this baby cat. He's about 5 weeks old, and I can't stand the cuteness! He was rescued by some dear friends, who had better watch out because I just might steal him.

Not pictured:
- PF Changs, mmmm!
- bridal shower
- sick of being sick
- MONK, season one
- pizza
- terrible drive-thu service
- pink hair, retouched and better than ever!
- planning
- laundry, ignored