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Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Glimpse

Our monthly cooking club met this past weekend, for a good old-fashioned Southern feast.

We made Low Country Boil (also know as Frogmore Stew) and served it in the traditional way, dumped on a table lined with newspaper.

It was delicious and quite fun to eat!

We also had some killer shrimp and grits, courtesy of Cory. He did such a good job making them, the pot was scraped clean in no time. 

Dessert was more fall-appropriate than it was in keeping with the Southern theme... we made a scrumptious apple crisp using this PW recipe.

Not pictured:
- sleeping in
- buying some sweet cruiser bikes
- Barbie pink manicure
- Halloween costume planning
- starting Christmas shopping
- courderoy pants
- funny videos
- hide-and-seek with a dog


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