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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekend Glimpses

Thanks to a very special wedding, I haven't had a spare second to blog recently. I'm bursting at the seams with things I want to post about, but in the meantime, here's a quick look at the past couple weekends.

Last weekend, thanks to the generosity of some sweet friends, I was able to attend an amazing culinary event here in Greenville, Euphoria. It was a whole day of cooking demos and tastings galore, with world-class food & drink & chefs. Pictured above is just a peek at some of the treats I enjoyed.
You can have the recipes too! Get them here.

 There was an authentic vintage Le Creuset vehicle on site, so Lib and I had some fun with it.

This past weekend was consumed with Courtney's wedding. It was wonderful, amazing, perfect, and glorious. I'll have a million recaps to share in a few weeks once the photographer's images are ready... I brought my camera thinking I would be able to snap a few shots, but the image above of Cory's boutonniere is the only one I took, and that was at the end of the night, once we were back home. My maid-of-honor-wedding-coordinator-keeping-people-from-freaking-out duties kept me kinda busy. ;-D

 Courtney was the most gorgeous bride... it did my heart good to see her so happy, I don't think she stopped beaming all day.
I'm so very happy for her and her new hubby, Jon!
(photo above by Becka Fitzgerald)

Etsy waits for no man... I had to make and package up a few custom orders on Sunday, which was fun... good to get back into it after a few weeks off.

Not pictured:
- nail polish
- a braid in Cory's hair
- fall flowers planted
- air mattress
- Wendy's
- candy buffet
- sleepover with little cousins
- miles of velvet ribbon
- flatting pieces for Cory's work
- fiddlehead ferns, searching and finding
- cardigan sweaters
- berry tarts
- hedge trimming
- ravioli planning
- kitty noses


Nichole Livengood said...

I'm obsessed with Kelly Green! I want one of your rings! I'm glad you took pics from the cooking demos at Euphoria. I'm too ADD to sit there that long, but I buzzed in and out! I tried the tomato sorbet (arg. blak!)... I tried, but the salmon looked so yummy! Have a good day.

Erin said...

Thanks, Nicole! The tomato sorbet took a little getting used too, but was really quite good. If you ever want a ring, just shoot me an email or something!

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