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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Weekend Glimpse

A full weekend, with lots of lovely things.

Heather and I picked apples last week, so of course we had to make a pie or three. We made a couple mini ones so we could dig in right away. This is my favorite apple pie recipe, I'll be sharing it tomorrow!

Also this weekend, a new photo series entitled "They won't stop staring at me."

 It was a 3-manicure-weekend, just for fun. 
Here's one of them, Deborah Lippmann's Superstar.

A dear friend hosts an annual fall masquerade, and as always, the party was a smashing success.
Cory and I were unicorns, I with a long pink mane, sparkly shoes, and glittered false lashes, he with ringlets in his hair and corresponding tail.

Not pictured:
- cruising the street on our new bikes
- 4 times through the Walmart checkout. 4 times.
- almost pumpkin carving
- more cider pressing
- butterscotch pumpkin tarts
- 2 batches of mac n' cheese
- wedding planning
- travel planning
- Thanksgiving planning
- Christmas planning


Anonymous said...

i wish i could live in your house during the fall season. and christmas season! and any holidays. just for a month or two that is all i ask. i have a baby and a husband to bring with me. both are cute.

Erin said...

You guys and that darling Max are always welcome!

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