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Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Glimpse

There was a little party at my house this past weekend! A dear friend was having a birthday, so we threw together a little informal surprise party. It was such fun!

Please ignore the Christmas tree that is in the pictures below. I am lazy.

 Party hats and confetti, waiting.

 Table set.

 Confetti fun.

 Hiding, about to surprise the guest of honor.

 The birthday girl, surprised!

 Party hats.

 Birthday candles.

Confetti, everywhere.

I'll have some more photos in a few days, showing off the lovely cake and other such things.

Not pictured:
- chicken pot pie
- tiny gold stars
- ICP planning
- Jimmy John's
- sunshine
- suitcases
- cat snuggles
- baby shower


Unknown said...

So pretty! And glad to know we are not the only ones who enjoyed our tree for all of January ;)

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