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Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Glimpse

A weekend full of fun, most of which went undocumented thanks to my photographic laziness.

 Chevron wall painting party at a friend's! This is the progress after about 6 hours of measuring, marking, and taping. I'll share the full project when the room is completed and styled. 
Spoiler: The wall turned out AWESOME.

 This little beauty helped out with the chevron painting. Or at the very least, supervised.

Bookshelf styling at another friend's! 
Again, I'll try to share the full room project when it's done.

Not pictured:
- bonfire celebration for Chris' completion of Revelation
- 2nd birthday for a second cousin, a cutie pie!
- sleeping in
- hole in my pants, discovered after I was out for the day
- doughnuts for dinner
- not watching the Super Bowl
- Frog Tape
- Valentine scheming
- Netflix watching
- pink rainboots


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