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Friday, May 4, 2012

Ghana Bolga Baskets

I'm drooling over these amazing African baskets. Seriously, I want to fill a whole room with them. Or hang them from the ceiling like a giant art installation. Or fill them with strawberries and kittens.

The motive behind the Ghana Bolga baskets is as beautiful as they are. The baskets are hand-made in Africa as part of a fair trade initiative, and assist the weavers (primarily women) with attaining fiscal independence.

The traditional patterns seem so modern with the bright colors, the perfect fit for taking to the market. Since the baskets are made by hand, they are one of a kind, each one completely unique with a different design. And the prices are quite reasonable, so perhaps I can fulfill my dream and have them all!

Ghana Bolga Baskets, via Anna Louise Likes


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