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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend Glimpse

I've been in Kansas City, MO for the past week, and it's been grand. We went out there for Spectrum Fantastic Art Live, an art convention. Cory and Justin were exhibiting, and I usually tag along to these things to run the booth.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen these shots, but here they are anyways.

 A long drive. Sunrise city.

 Blurring past the St. Louis arch.

Hello, Kansas City!

 Dinner with dear ones.

Glace` ice cream. Slap-yourself-scrumptious.
I had Salted Pretzel, Fleur de Sel Caramel, and some fancy Dark Chocolate.
I may have also had a pint for lunch one day. Maybe.

Cory and Justin being... Cory and Justin.

A stunningly beautiful Omar Rayyan watercolor we snapped up.

The booth, set up.


Cory laughing with Paul Bonner, who is one of the greatest fantasy artists living today and a true British gentlemen. 
He is also hilarious.

Not pictured:
- me sleeping in the car. a lot.
- an amazing market
- blue skies and breezes
- H&M!
- gelato, daily
- missing the cats
- a lovely awards ceremony
- famous people at our dinner table
- loud music for driving
- white cheddar popcorn


Laura T. said...

I love H&M. Wish it was coming to G'ville!

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