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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Makers Summit

We've been working overtime on a new venture for Indie Craft Parade: The Makers Summit!

The Indie Craft Parade mission is to empower the creative community by cultivating a knowledge and respect of handcrafted goods while providing valuable resources to independent artists. We’re always looking for ways to benefit those in our industry, which is the impetus for our very first Makers Summit. It’s a one-day conference focused on art, craft, and design and jam-packed with golden information to either start or grow your small business.

Join us February 2, 2013 to learn collaboratively through panel discussions, one-on-one sessions and keynote speeches from industry experts. Conference tickets are $100 and include breakfast & lunch.

Besides an incredible day of creative business sessions, we’re finishing off the conference with The Best Craft Party Ever!  The Makers Summit Afterparty is a great time to mingle with both peers and experts over dinner, followed by a time of making! The party is separate from the conference and tickets can be purchased for $50.

You guys, this is going to be an amazing experience. If you are wanting to start or grow your business, don't miss this!

Head over to for all the wonderful details!


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