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Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Glimpse

What a full weekend, flowing into a full Monday. I literally sent emails for about 5 hours today.

We held the long-awaited jurying of Indie Craft Parade applications on Saturday... nearly 300 applications! I was so glad to pass off the picking and choosing to the jury, there were so many wonderful applications and just not enough room for them all. I brought my camera, and fully intended to takes some pictures, but got so wrapped up in my duties that I completely forgot until it was all over. So just pretend that there's a lovely picture of them right here, complete with a lively discussion of the merits of one applicant over another.

After a this, I went home and took a short nap, as I had basically pulled an all-nighter from before. I was awakened to the suggestion of a dip in a friend's pool, which was perfect.

Annie, Marshall, and Cory chilling in the pool.

Friday was our 4 year wedding anniversary, and Cory surprised me 
with this vase after I mentioned a longing for it.  
Too sweet!

Not pictured:
- a lovely dinner out
- Toy Story 3! Again!
- a momentary melt-down when it appeared that I may have lost all the ICP applications (I hadn't)
- Chinese food with Cory's grandparents
- trying to tactfully word emails


Meredith said...

The pool is wonderful, isn't it? ;) Glad you could come and enjoy it!

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