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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ICP Featured Artist: canoo

We have finally gotten to the point where we have confirmed artisans for Indie Craft Parade! The jurying is complete, all applicants have been notified, and those that were accepted are confirming their reservations.

Let me tell you, we have an amazing line-up of artisans and crafters. This event is going to kick some serious patootie! I wanted to give you a sneak peak at some of the gorgeous work you're going to see in the fall, so from now until Indie Craft Parade is held, I'll be featuring some of my personal favorites, one post a week. I could honestly post about each and every single artist, as they are fabulous, but then when would I find time to blog about chicken salad? (tomorrow)

First to be featured: canoo!

Monsters! Are you in love with them yet? canoo is run by the delightful Krista, who, according to her Etsy profile, "is a worrisome monster who, at the age of 37, still can't figure out how to put on deodorant without getting it all over her shirt." All monsters are hand-crafted from upcycled wool sweaters and other salvaged stuff. I've gotten to see her work in person, and everything is extremely well made and perfectly done.

Take a peek at her shop, and save your pennies for Indie Craft Parade!


Deb at Merciful Hearts Farm said...

How much fun to get previews! I'll have to bring a helper so that I can also shop while vending.

Kina Baddorf said...


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