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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ICP Featured Artist: Involution Design!

Our featured Indie Craft Parade artist of the week is Involution Design!

Involution Design is run by Jessica, who is "a seamstress, wool felter, and jewelry maker, and loves continually exploring new ways to combine these arts into well-crafted, original pieces that are made to be loved for a long time." These gorgeous jewelry designs feature felted wool, delicate stitchery, and hand-forged sterling silver. I love that Jessica creates every aspect herself, it shows a great devotion to her craft. Each piece is so unique and wonderful, I can't decide which is my favorite!

Check out Involution Design's shop here, and don't forget to save your pennies for Indie Craft Parade!

I'll be featuring an artist from Indie Craft Parade each week until the festival is held this September.


Lib said...

That bracelet is amazing!!! Jessica, if you're reading this, please bring lots of those! :)

Annie said...

and the necklace!

Erin said...

ok, Lib, you get the bracelet, Annie, you get the necklace, I'll get the earrings and we can all swap!

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