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Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Glimpse

This weekend was Heather's baby shower, among several other things, and it was a whirlwind of fun.

Shower preparations...
Farmer's market flowers waiting to be arranged, 
the remains of frantic baking, 
sugar cookie doves with gold-encrusted wings,
and my second attempt at blush pink frosting.

Little golden shoes for the baby, and countless other lovely things.

Still only Saturday, we attend a marvelous kid art show.
Cory purchases this piece, "Odysseus and the Sea Monster"
See video here.

Sunday night, spoils from a spontaneous Charlotte run with friends.
I scored some sweet Anthro clearance items and behaved myself at Ikea.

Still enjoying the flowers. 
The cockscomb is enthralling.

Not pictured:
- no sleep for me on Friday night
- no balloons at the dollar store
- 2 magnificent co-hosts that saved me from going completely crazy
- making new friends
- post-party crash & fashion show 
& watching YouTube videos that make us cry
- running into my almost sister, Dani Faye, who I miss every day. 
So glad to see her face.
- girl talk
- still haven't finished all the dishes


Karen said...

I am smiling.

cranny + b said...

how great! don't you love those IKEA baskets? I have probably a few too many of them.... but how could I not for $2.50?!

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