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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ICP Featured Artist: Sweeteeth!

Our Indie Craft Parade featured artist of the week is the marvelously-mouth-watering Sweeteeth!

"Sweeteeth makes handcrafted chocolate bars and truffles by combining single-origin Colombian chocolate with bits of goodness and addictive fillings." Are you drooling yet? Combining gorgeous design, fresh seasonal ingredients, and tantalizing flavors, Sweeteeth doesn't hold back. The Charleston-based chocolatiers are "devoted to the production of finely crafted truffles and chocolate bars, with an emphasis on high-quality chocolate couverture, innovative flavor pairings and fine craftsmanship."

Check out Sweeteeth's website, and view their sweets. Don't forget to save your pennies for Indie Craft Parade!

P.S. If you're looking for me at 6 pm on Friday, September 10, I'll be standing in line at Sweeteeth's booth, waiting to get my hands on a "Sea is for Caramel" bar. Mmmmmm.

I'll be featuring an artist from Indie Craft Parade each week until the festival is held this September.


Thomas Moffett said...

Do you think I can get a prescription? Isn't chocolate supposed to help me somehow...because I really need these :)

Christina said...

Thank you for featuring us! We can't wait to share our chocolate with Greenville!

Erin said...

and Greenville can't wait to enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

best chocolates i've ever eaten!

phynel said...

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