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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Our trip to Europe was a dream come true... 2 weeks, 4 countries, 2000 photos. I could take a week to tell you about each wonderful place we visited on our little European tour, but I'll try to keep it to one long post per country. I'll start off with our last stop and my favorite: Paris!

The architecture was stunning...

The gardens were gorgeous...

And the food was perfection.

The shopping was fabulous and the store displays were gorgeous...

We did see some of the famous attractions: Notre Dame, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower...

Paris was beyond wonderful. I am literally aching to go back. There is so much more in Paris and France that I need to experience. I loved it all... the sights, sounds, tastes... I'm trying to burn in all into my memory so I never forget.

The absolute best part of our time in Paris was getting to be with our dear friends, Seb, Mala, and their sweet son Elliott, who live in Paris. They showed us an amazing time, and we're already longing for their company.

Food: A+++ 

This is Paris! Every meal was a culinary adventure. The bread was so fresh, the pastries so divine, and the cheese so scrumptious and never-ending. Also, crepes with Nutella is my new favorite thing to crave. The restaurants and cafes were much smaller than we're used to, but the service was great.


Paris had the most beautiful architecture of any city we visited. It seemed every building was adorned with amazing sculptures, gorgeous stonework, and gilded peaks. It was almost too much to look at!


Honestly, I don't know how we would have managed with our friends. I never felt like I had a handle on the city, like I did with our other stops. The transportation unions were on strike during our visit, but we still managed to get around just fine, we just had to plan our timing a little more carefully. We saw most of the city on foot, which I loved. It allowed us to see all the wonderful little side streets and quirky buildings, plus helped us to work off all the amazing food we were eating.


Not as many people in Paris spoke English as in some of our other destinations. Almost all signs and announcements were in French only. However, everyone we asked for help was kind and friendly. We had heard such stories of Americans being hated overseas, that we were pleasantly surprised to be so well received. ;-D

Want to see more photos from Paris? Check out my FB album.


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