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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We spent 2 and a half days in Switzerland, visiting some dear family friends. This is the gorgeous view from their city house...

 We spent a little time in the 800 year old walled city of Murten...

There were lovely homes everywhere...

Beautiful details...

We spent a night in the Alps at our friends' mountain chalet. The scenery was stunning.

We didn't have much time for shopping, but I did see some fabulous Swiss-made products...

Switzerland was so wonderful, and our time there was far too short. I really hope we can return one day soon and spend more time in the mountains and with our dear friends!

Food: A+

Swiss chocolate is the best in the world, in my opinion. It's rich and creamy on a whole different level. I love their habit of stopping every few hours for a coffee (or in my case, hot chocolate). The restaurants were more spacious than in other European countries and the service was excellent. FYI, I have a new favorite meal, raclette.


Switzerland was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The skies and water are so clear and blue, the clouds and snow are so white and fluffy, and the grass and trees are so lush and green. And the Alps... there is no way to show in photos just how huge and glorious they are. Everywhere I looked I was stunned by the glory of God's creation.


The train system was easy to use, and most people in public positions seemed to speak at least some English, in the large cities quite fluently. The Alps can be hiked, or many have a cable car system like we utilized. If you're planning a trip to Switzerland, prepare yourself... it is quite expensive.


Everyone was very friendly and kind, whether or not they were able to understand us or our pathetic attempts at German. Speaking of language differences, what is it about little children speaking an unfamiliar language that is so adorable? Their was a a tiny little girl in a giant snowsuit babbling in Swiss and I could hardly handle it.

Want to see more photos from Switzerland? Check out my FB album.


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