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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Calendar Deliberations

People, I need your help. I have been pouring over options for calendars the last 3 days and cannot make a decision. Yes, I know it's nearly the end of January already... I'm a little late to the calendar game.

Here are my top choices:

1. Wall Calendar by Snow and Graham, $30

2. Letterpress Calendar Card by Parrott Design Studio, $5

3. Printable Calendar by Lisa Samartino Atelier, $10

4. Screen-printed Calendar by Beau Ideal

5. Letterpress Wall Calendar by Parrott Design Studio, $22.50

6. Letterpress Wall Calendar by Sycamore Street Press, $35

7. Printable Nature Calendar by Blue Tricycle, $5

Aren't they all lovely options? Every time I think I've decided and I'm about to hit the purchase button, I change my mind. To be honest, none of them are 100% perfect... each one has that little something that I wish were different. And yes, I've considered making my own, but until Vintage Printable get's their website in a usable state, it's not going to happen.

So what you think? Or do you know of another lovely calendar I should consider?


Christin said...

I can see why it's so hard to choose - they are all lovely! Um. . .#5 or #6. . . but you could get them all for different rooms!

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