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Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Glimpse

It was a good weekend.

 Fabric for Cory's new studio curtains + cushions.
Now I just have to sew them. Blech.

 Purchased a daybed off craiglist, now working on some inspiration for the refinishing.
How badly to I love the silver embossed rattlesnake fabric? Soooo bad.

Present tower, belatedly celebrating Julia's birthday.

Behind the scenes footage!
This is what's really happening during a photo shoot. Cats, so impressed and involved. Presents, stacked on a pedestal, perched on a overturned drawer, placed on a floor that needs to be cleaned. Curtain rods in the corner waiting to be hung.
This is as real as it get, folks.

Not pictured:
- finally emerging from my cave-home after the snowstorm
- BBQ from Sonny's
- a little cleaning
- a little procrastinating
- steak dinner
- so much fun had with good friends, my face still hurts from laughing.


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