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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Creative Food Presentations

I am always looking for interesting ways to serve or present food... it's little details like these that make parties look fabulous. Here's a few great ideas I've run across, I can't wait to try them!

Crudites, via Martha Stewart
A thick slice of baguette, with a little well hollowed out on the diagonal side. Fill with fresh veggies and a dollop of dip.

Salad Cups and Dessert in a Jar, via Martha Stewart (includes sources)
A fresh salad becomes a cool hors d'oeuvre presented in a paper cup with a mini wooden fork.
A sticky dessert is sweet and sophisticated when served in a glass jar with a little spoon (this would be a great favor idea!)

Sprinkled Milk, source unknown 
What an adorable way to serve milk at a child's party! Dip the rim of a glass in water, then dip the rim into a dish of sprinkles, turning gently to coat. When filling the decorated glasses with milk, use a funnel to avoid disturbing the sprinkles.
These darling dessert cups are a grown-up take on the popular "dirt" kid's cake. Glass votives are filled with chocolate pudding, then topped with crushed chocolate wafers. Tuck in a lavender bloom or lemon verbena, and serve with a wooden spoon (doubles as a plant marker).

Mini Grilled Cheese, via fresh tart
Mini food is so adorable! These baby grilled cheese sandwiches are made with baguette slices, and served atop a steaming espresso cup filled with tomato soup.

Chocolate Cups, via Bakerella, via simple song
Edible chocolate cups can be used to serve ice cream, pudding, sorbet, or cold fruit soups. See Bakerella's post for the full instructions.


Emily Stearley said...

The sprinkles on the milk glass are so cute. I bet you could do that with ice cream too.

I ripped that edible plants dessert out of Martha's magazine this month. Very clever.

Erin said...

Ooooh, sprinkles on bowls would be so cute for ice cream! Great idea!

Hannah said...

Oh, my word! I love these ideas. I need a reason to try them. Maybe the chocolate bowls or sprinkle cups for Sam's 3rd bday party this summer? Personally, though, I would do anything for a larger version of the tomato soup/grilled cheese cup. I am tired of winter, but I think that kind of food could get me through another day of it! :-)

Erin said...

Oh I know, it's been so rainy and dreary here. I had a grilled cheese sandwich today, and it worked wonders. ;-D

The Ruse said...

Love love love them all!

MizAmz said...

I haven't been able to find nonpareils, such as the ones shown on the milk glasses, that do not run when wet. Any time I've tried to use them like this they ran a rainbow of colors!! I haven't tried corn syrup . . . not sure if that will help, but I'll try it next!

Erin said...

Good to know... I was wondering if syrup would work best... I bet chocolate syrup would bet tasty!

Anonymous said...

eggwhite works wonders when getting those little things to stick onto the glass, can also be used with coloured sugars.

Anonymous said...

To me it looks like chocolate, my first thought was that water would be the worst thing to use. White choc or dark choc :)

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