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Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Glimpse

Cory surprised me with these hilarious old owls. They're vintage salt and pepper shakers, and they're just creepy enough to make me laugh.

Nintendo-inspired drawings, Cory's new series. I edited the photos and did all the Etsy listings for him (that's true love right there). He did a set of 50, and nearly half have sold already. 
See the collection here, and buy here.

Snickerdoodles! I was really craving these old-fashioned cookies on Sunday afternoon... I have no idea why, I haven't had them since high school.
So I made some, and they were scrumptious.
Not pictured:
- piles of laundry
- sleeping in
- Beatles Rock Band!
- awesome midnight thunderstorms
- pizza and movie night
- Sunday breakfast out
- discovering "Say Yes to the Dress" on Netflix


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