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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birthday Glimpse

Technically, my birthday was the middle of last week,
but the partying went on for days, so I'll use this as my weekend post.

Cory made sure I had a marvelous birthday... he let me sleep in extra late, took me out to lunch, got me blush pink roses and my favorite FiggyWhigs cupcakes, and showered me with presents. Powdered food coloring! A whole stack of washi paper tape! A food scale! (He considered these things very silly, but it's what I wanted.) And I didn't take any photos, so just imagine it for me. It was all quite lovely.

Heather hosted a perfect little party with the girls, and she and Annie made these most scrumptious treats: Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcakes topped with whipped ganache and fresh blackberries.

 Heather made a marvelous dinner and had a very pretty table.

And then more lovely presents, including my new favorite scarf. But best of all was just hanging out with the girls... we have so much fun together, and I just love them all to pieces. We laugh so much, it should be illegal.

Other weekend festivities, not pictured:
- helping friends move, yay for new houses!
- porch-sitting
- music volume up and windows down
- bunny-watching
- planning
- glamorous ICP work (data-entry, woohoo.)
- laundry