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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Julia's Wedding, Part 1

I had two close family members get married in the past few months, and I was honored to be involved in their weddings. I'll post about Julia's wedding (sister) this week, as it's the freshest in my mind, but stay tuned for Courtney's wedding (sister-in-law) next week!

Julia, my little sister, was married on a cold but beautiful autumn day. The wedding was out in the country, on a working farm. They have a lovely barn just for events, and that set the stage for the rustic chic nuptials.

This was a major DIY wedding. And when I say that, I mean it. We did just about everything outside of building the barn ourselves. My mom and I made and designed the decor, the food, and the cakes. Annie, my older sister, did the flowers. Julia did all the stationary and the guest table/activities. Some dear friends of mine served all the food. A friend of the couple photographed the the wedding, and both families pitched in for setting up every single thing and the equally crazy tear-down afterwards. It had plenty of fun times, and everything turned out lovely, but boy howdy, I'm glad it's done.

Here's a look at the wedding! I'll be back tomorrow with details on the food and decor.

Photography: most photos by Perfect Perceptions
Location: Live Oaks Farm
Bridesmaids Attire: dresses from Target, cardigans from Banana Republic, vintage jewelry
Groomsman Attire: grey pinstripe suits from with skinny ties
Brides Gown: ivory shantung taffeta ball gown by Galina, here, with a cashmere cardigan from J. Crew


Sarah said...

This is a beautiful wedding! The new barn is gorgeous!! My parents live down road from there. great job :)

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