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Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Glimpse

What a lovely weekend!

 While shopping with my mom and sister, I spotted this lovely string typography in a cute plant shop, Roots. Would be a neat idea to recreate at home!

 Cowork Greenville held a weekend hackathon to create a new website all about Greenville. It's Life in Greenville, and the full site will launch in the next day or so. Lib and I got to contribute a little bit with some copywriting, and it was great to be a part of this.

On Saturday was a birthday celebration for dad, where we devoured a slab apple pie. 
Happy Birthday, Poppa!

2 manicure parties this weekend, such fun. 
I'm currently sporting an audacious 90's pink on my fingers and sassy metallic silver on my toes.

Not pictured:
- Mr. Baby is now officially Klaus
- empty pizza boxes
- Fraiser marathon
- grocery shopping
- booking a trip to NYC!
- Christmas decor still up
- ice cream sandwiches
- slippers
- not sleeping enough
- Indie Craft Parade planning
- 70 degrees. In January.
- wishing for snow


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