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Friday, February 10, 2012

Before & After: Janelle's Bathroom

This before & after is long overdue! I helped my BFF Janelle redo her bathroom in a marathon DIY weekend, and it turned out awesome.

It's a not a huge space by any means, so we weren't able to reconfigure the layout at all. Basically, the bathroom needed a facelift, along with more storage. Everything but the toilet and shower were replaced. The shower is tiled in a pale yellow, and while we weren't crazy about the color, we weren't ready to redo it, so we decided to run with it. In the end, it inspired our color palette of yellow & gray, and the tile ended up complementing instead of clashing. I'm always inclined to work with you have if possible, and in this case it was a success!

Here's a peek at our Pinterest board, where we collaborated on our inspiration.

And here's the before photos...

A look at the tile demolition...

And the beautiful white marble that took it's place! The kitties approve.

And now, the amazing after!

Can you even believe the difference? The bathroom that was once bland and dreary is now chic and soothing. I'm so happy with the way it turned out, and it was such a fun project to work on with my dear friend.

Source list:

Vanity cabinet, sink, facucet: Ikea
Medicine cabinet: Ikea
Storage cabinet: Ikea
White marble tile: Home Depot
Towels, bath mat: Target
Towel bar: Target
Shower curtain (sewn from tablecloth): Dwell Studio for Target
Glass shelf: Ikea
Lighting (not pictured, sorry!): Home Depot
Brass letters, bunnies: Urban Outfitters


Joanna Vanderkooi said...

You are gifted with organization, an artistic eye, and a kind and gracious heart, Erin! Nicely done. :D

Laura T. said...

Gorgeous! I love the vanity and the shower curtain best! I was going to ask where you got the shower curtain.... love the idea of turning a tablecloth into the curtain.

seeminglyrandom said...

as someone who is just waiting for the funds and time for a bathroom make-over, this just makes me jealous! :) beautiful! beautiful! beautiful! :)

Lib said...

It looks so great! Well done girls! :)

Hannah said...

That was such a neat idea to use a tablecloth for the shower curtain! I am scheming about my bathroom and am very inspired. Thanks for putting up the pics!

Anonymous said...

Wow......absolutely stunning. We have to totally GUT our bathroom in a year or so.....would you like to come to NY to help????? God has truly gifted you beautiful lady!! Not quite sure how this leaving a comment thing works so if you can't see who left's Leah Vandermeulen :)

Bathroom Renovation Ideas said...

This is one heck of renovation job and what an amazing transformation. Your new bathroom looks magnificent. I finished a bathroom makeover over the holidays but my remodeling was not as extensive as yours. It really feels great when you take a step and watch your new bathroom. After seeing the pictures above, I am really jealous :)

Erin said...

Thanks, everyone!

Jill Edwards said...

This is amazing!! I am gathering ideas for redoing my guest bathroom and am loving the grey/yellow. Might I ask what color/brand of paint you used? It's a lovely color. You are incredibly talented!

daniellaprice30 said...

Your bathroom looks way nicer this time specially because of the wonderful marble bathroom tiles. Good job!

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